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Beyond Sight has two meanings for me. Firstly, the human eye is not capable of seeing in the infrared or near infrared spectrum so it is beyond our sight without the aid of special equipment. Secondly, my photos are taken in common areas such as cemeteries. Through this subject and others, I hope to show situations that many people overlook or simply do not notice such as an overgrown child's grave guarded by a small angel in a forgotten corner of a cemetery. In addition, cemetery sculptures often become just part of the landscape but when viewed in infrared, they take on a different look. Sometimes lifelike, sometimes ethereal, they all command attention.

All of my near infrared photos are digital, taken in color with a non-modified camera and an infrared filter. Post processing was done in Photoshop however it is either very minimal or nothing at all. Sometimes I only adjust one component such as the contrast. Each photo is different in what it will reveal about the scene at the time I shot it and I do not force any colors or use any Photoshop false color filters or false infrared. Colors in the photos are dependent on what was there and includes: level of sunlight, amount of shade and reflection, water content of the atmosphere, reflective or absorbent nature of the subject and surroundings, and my camera settings. For example, the sky absorbs infrared and will appear black or very dark. However, in some photos, blue is evident and that will sometimes come out in the finished product. If the photo doesn't 'want' to be blue, I will not make it blue. Alternatively, a photo may have more than one tendency resulting in two different versions of the same photo as in the case of Two Fountains in the gallery, Cemetery Landscapes. In this situation, it was possible to bring out one color or the other that were both already present.
In a photo of a crypt, you will see a blue roof. The roof is made of copper and interestingly enough in infrared, it is blue with no adjustment. Most living vegetation such as leaves will appear white or snow-like, one of the most beautiful features of infrared photography, I think.

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